Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm going to do something here I rarely ever do. That is, I'm going to actually post in this little blog o' mine. Here's what's up, y'all. I'm about to transition to a new role at work, and I'm incredibly jazzed about it.

You know I love lists, so here's one for you. Why I'm stoked:
- My new managers are hilarious and incredibly supportive. And we type with monster claws.
- This is a new team being built ground-up, which makes my input even more valuable than on other teams in the past. I got to debate and discuss strategy with the Vice President yesterday, and he took my ideas into account, changing his thinking on some things. That would never have happened on another team.
- I get to manage social media outreach. All this blogging and tumbling and tweeting and facebooking and foursquaring and so on that I love so much? It's now my job to figure out how we can use that in our campaigns.
- The mundane tasks that I hated about my current position. Gone. I'm sure there will be other tedious things to deal with, but not the same ones I've been battling for two years now.
- We are awesome at Mafia.

The transition is in about two weeks, and I'm counting down the days. I'm ready for it to officially be summer in the city, and I think that's a nice starting off point.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So much for me being better at updating this. I hope all is well for those of you who might still get alerts for this or subscribe to it or whatever.

Yesterday started my birthday week, and it's already a crazy one. Someone call/text me and remind me to come back later and update on everything that's going on, because it's going to be awesome.

But if you want to know what I'm up to tonight, you should check out after 5 p.m. I helped my friend film a short video that won a contest, so we will be at Opening Night tonight! There are lots of cool thing that go along with it, including the fact that we'll be live tweeting, which will stream right to the website. Also, my personal Twitter will be updated with the stuff I'm not allowed to say on the official one. ;)

I have my outfit all ready and I'm about to go get my makeup done! Last night was our backstage tour, tonight we do the red carpet, sit front row at the show and then hit the afterparty! Happy opening, y'all!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When Emma asked me if I wanted to go to the 7:30 RSO with her, I said I shouldn't because I already had tickets to the 9:30 show and I figured that once was enough. Well, after seeing it, I kind of wish I had gone to both.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. You probably don't know what RSO is, if you're reading this. Rated RSO is a show that the composer Ryan Scott Oliver (see what he did there?) has been doing since last summer, featuring music from shows he has composed and other projects. It just so happens that some of my favorite people have also been attached to this project, which is what piqued my interest in the first place. It was just lucky that his music happened to be fantastic too.

The energy in Joe's Pub was off the charts last night - maybe it was a result of this being the "last" of the series, or the fact that there were so many amazing people involved (the cast was larger than usual, and all incredibly talented), or the fact that I knew half the audience or some combination of those factors. But it was an incredible night. There were a ton of songs I already knew, which were performed beautifully and at times by new singers, but there were also some stunning new songs I had never heard. "The Odyssey" was one of those, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, I am still holding out hope that the next show from Mr. Oliver will include a repeat performance of "Cut You a Piece", or that it will at least go up on YouTube.

And then I pretty much overdosed on love after the show ended, but I won't get into that here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm trying to think of interesting ways to update you, dear reader(s), on what is happening in my life lately without sounding like a broken record, because I really have done a lot of the same stuff this past week, but I'm drawing a blank.

I'm working at going out less, especially during the week, and going to fewer "events", though that's almost impossible in the next few months with all the cabarets and shows coming up. I also kind of failed at that this week. Going to Therapy (a HK gay bar) on Tuesday was definitely worth it, though, to hear Matt (this guy) sing "My Man" and be generally looser than I'm used to seeing him. We even got him to dance with us to "You Can't Stop the Beat" when they played it - of course L and I know all the choreography. Please. It's actually been a week full of Matt run-ins, since we had a good long gossip session while walking home from work (for him) and shopping (for me, L and S) on Saturday night, too.

And one of my other Ls came home from being out of the country, so having do-nothing-but-curl-up-on-the-couch-and-watch-Toddlers-and-Tiaras time was wonderful. And there were cupcakes involved, which is always always a good thing.

OH, and thanks to my wonderful aunt, uncle and cousins, I had a gift card to the Colony, which I used to purchase this: The Judy Garland Souvenir Songbook. My friends have decided I need to use one of these songs to audition for the non-eq Wizard of Oz tour and/or American Idol. Ha.

I'm going to finish out this lovely day off by doing nothing but laundry and lounging. I might even venture to Amy's Bread for a snack later, but let's not get too crazy. I have lots of interviews to conduct this week at work, and no major plans for the weekend yet, which means the possibilities are wide open (though we are probably going to Rockwood on Friday for the third week in a row, and post-Rockwood karaoke was suggested). Suggestions are welcome.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Sometimes I can't believe the hatred that spews out of the mouths of people who claim to be doing work of "God". I won't get into questions of religion and my personal beliefs here, because I think that's a very private matter, but I will say that if there's one thing I do believe in, it is that we are all deserving of love and equality. I think that's pretty obvious.